System BPM Actions?


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Can someone help me out?

I'm trying to set up two buttons, a BPM +1 / BPM -1 to change tempos on the fly without going into the setup menu.

I have:
IA settings: Momentary

Action Type: System
Subtype: BPM
Off BPM: ?
On BPM: ?

What do I set for the off BPM / on BPM? Nothing that I try actually changes my tempo (although it does say Clock +1/-1). I'm hoping each time I press Clock +1 or -1 it will change the tempo and display the current tempo as I change it if I set it up correctly.

On a side note, if I were able to create a button to scroll through subdivisions of a tempo just as easily, that would be great. I don't know if that could be available in the future?



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Next to the box where you type the BPM, there's a button with an ellipsis ("..."). Click the one next to Off Value and select "Same". Click the one next to On Value and select "Add 1".

Tap division actions are a possibility. You're the first to ask for it, but I will consider it.


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Works great, thank you! (I thought for sure that I tried that, I must not have).

Yes, tap divisions would be really great on the fly. Thanks again.