Turn off multiple macros with a momentary switch

How can I do that? Been trying a bit but I have been out of the editor and the software for a good while - my last save was in 2020...
I basically want to be able to make a "kill all wet" switch. Preferably so that it does not confuse the switches/settings on the effects when it is used.

I appreciate any help

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Assuming that you're controlling multiple MIDI capable effects, you would create an IA button that bypasses them all:

Effect 1:Bypass CC Toggle off:None on:0
Effect 2:Bypass CC Toggle off:None on:0
Effect 3:Bypass CC Toggle off:None on:0

That would just bypass all of your effects when pressed.
Turning off the effects work. But I also need to reset the on/off switch on the effect on the GT that I use.
I remember a setting allowing button to be off - or?



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Use the Set IA action to control those buttons:

It's discussed somewhere in this video (sorry, I don't have a specific time)
That worked like a charm. The IA ID system was not there when I made my system.
Maybe I can get rid of all those macros that I made back in the day..

Thanks for the help - as always.