Uh...has anyone else started out like this?

This looks nice :) I also have the PBC10 and among other things the Freqout. It is just a shame that you alway have to activate it manually and after years of using it I am still struggling what might be the best setting. I think the third harmonic setting is used by a lot of people, but at the end of the day I prefer the first harmonic setting. I have struggled with a lot of feedback emulations. I have never found something which just sounds right. Recently I got myself an Ebow. I always thought an Ebow is just a gimmick, but this produces to my ears by far the nicest feedback sound I have ever heard. It just immediately sounds right. Even in the standard settings which is theoretically without harmonics the harmonics come when you put some distortion after it. So that's my favorite setting. So my dream feedback emulation would be a pedal which produces exactly this beautiful sound. The icing on the cake would be the possibility to recall presets via MIDI and Expression Pedal input. I don't know the Ebow has immediately this magic sound quality, maybe I am still using the Freqout in a wrong way, although I have to admit that the ability to also have the Feedback Effect on chords is a great thing. Think for example of Zoot Allures by Frank Zappa. You can recreate that with the Freqout in the third harmonic setting and it doesn't sound bad at all, but as I said generally the Ebow sounds so much nicer, but it takes time to change between the pick and the Ebow so a Pedal is way more practical.
The eBow does take some getting used to and yes, it’s a bit of a pain if you need to change to it live and then back to normal guitar. I already have my hands full as I’m juggling between guitar and keys in the same songs, with lots of changes.
I find the FreqOut really useful and creative when I’m soloing on guitar. I improvise 100% of my solos, so it’s there whenever I need that feedback.
I play around with the options here and there based on whatever takes my fancy at that time.
I just hold the pedal on a mild setting for that eBow sound and it’s far easier, especially with string changes.
Not only is this how I set it up, I start off on a table instead of the floor so I can quickly swap devices and order using longer cables. Mounting and tidiness definitely comes last!!
It’s defiantly worth doing this and finding out what setup is going to work. I kept on making changes and adding more things as one does. I’m in the middle of this right now with a smaller board using the PBC 6x as the controller. Planning is the key here before diving in.