Updating the unit messes with setlist mode


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I often need to update settings on an existing song (either adding/removing presets or altering the existing presets) while in setlist mode. Whenever you write to the unit in setlist mode, the unit gets very confused. It seems to think it's still in setlist mode (pressing my "Enter/Exit Setlist Mode" takes me out of setlist mode, not into it), but also simultaneously not in it: the presets available on page 1 are the not the current song's presets, but rather I'm on the bank that contains the preset I was on before writing. So for example, if I was on, say, the second preset of a song and it happened to be Preset 30 and then I wrote changes to the device, I would still be on preset 30, but I'd be on whatever bank normally contained preset 30 (surrounded by presets 28, 29, 31, and 32 for example). This is a pretty unfortunate behavior because I can't access the other presets in the song (unless by chance they happen to be next to each other numerically) and getting back to where I was requires pressing my setlist mode button twice (first to exit and then again to enter) and then scrolling to whatever song I was on and then reselecting the preset I was on.

I kind of understand why it's this say . . . in the sense that figuring out what to do that's better isn't straight-forward. The ideal solution of course is you're still on the same song and the same preset, but I can see that being hard to account for when the presets of a song (or the positions or inclusions of the songs themselves) are changing as part of the update. What if the preset isn't in the song anymore? Or what if the song was removed? What if the preset was swapped with the one next to it? Etc. etc.

That being said, I think I'd propose a couple better alternatives to the current behavior.

1. If the song is still present in the setlist and the preset is still present in the song, stay on the same song and preset (regardless of whether their positions change).
2. If one or both of them is missing, stay in setlist mode on the same song and preset index you were on before. So if I was on song 2 preset 2, and I swap out that preset with a new one, keep me on song 2 preset 2 (whatever it now is). Or if I was on song 3 and I replace it with something else, keep me on song 3.
3. If for some reason the previous preset can't be figured out, try to put me on preset 1 of the same song I was in.
4. If for some reason the song can't be figured out either, keep me in setlist mode on preset 1 of song 1.
5. Worst case scenario, if all that is impossible, at the very least take me all the way out of setlist mode, so I only have to push that button once to get back into it.