Why does the editor now see very preset as a scene MMGT22


Everything was working at practice last night. I set up the gear at home, tell the editor to read information from the Device... and now I can't see presets, I see all scenes listed sequentaially. A number of other things are acting strange too. When I try to edit a Local Button and send changes, it takes me to Preset 9 for some reason, no matter what preset I was editing. I'm in such a rush to get these songs programmed and out of nowhere this happens. Hoping it's an easy fix. Thank you. Yes, everything is updated to the most recent firmwares in the AXE III and the MMGT22
Isn't it an option in the setup menu to get presets as songs and scenes as presets?
I also had some unexpected behaviour and page shifting when I was using local pages..
When you get into Get Preset Names, there are settings "Create Songs" and "Get Scenes". If both are turned on, you will get the behavior you're describing. If you want to read presets and scenes, but not have scenes promoted to be presets, then turn off Create Songs.

I recommend turning on Ignore Incoming PCs in the Devices tab, that should get rid of any unexpected preset changing. It will also prevent the the GT from responding to any preset change on the Axe-Fx, but it's more reliable this way.