WISH: Assignable color per preset

Dennis Chan

New Member
Just got the Mastermind LT last week and I'm really liking it so far.

I believe colors are only currently assignable per page.
Would it be possible to have assignable colors per preset (on/off)?

I usually use the Mastermind LT in Set List mode and per song I'm usually using 2-4 presets.
It would be nice if I could color code my presets, so I could see what's setup per song (ie. button 1 green = clean sound, button 2 purple = dirty sound w/ effects, button 3 black = no preset, etc.).


Staff member
We'll call this one half done - you can assign an "on" color for each preset in 4.0. An off color is a little trickier, it may happen in the future.