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    Does a hierarchical relationship imply that a preset can be associated with only one song?
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    I use an AirTurn BT-106 with my iPad to turn the pages on my lyrics sheets. Might be worthwhile checking what else it can do?
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    5-7 pin Midi Cable

    For those of us on this side of the pond, this looks like a good choice (I’ve just ordered one)
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    Mastermind PBC Firmware 4.3.2 / Editor 4.3.0

    Has anyone else got this when trying to install the editor on Mac (OS 10.15.1):
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    Ground Noise from PatchBay/Midi connection

    Having read this thread, I am pretty sure I'm getting MIDI clock noise, but only if I either (1) unplug the guitar from the input on the patchbay or (2) disconnect the patchbay from the input ('In 1-4') on the PBC. When I switch off the MIDI clock on the PBC, the noise stops. I get the noise...
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    PBC/6X output b indicator on display panel

    I noticed that even though I had used the editor to specify mono output with no summing the display panel indicated that output B was on. I was able to switch it off using the software in the hardware unit. It is all working fine, but it might be worth doing something with the editor so that...
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    The clicks have gone! The Riverside was not responding properly to MIDI messages either, but now it is. It is as if by doing all the programming (presets, MIDI configuration, boost, etc) in quick succession it was unable to immediately digest it! I powered it down, restarted it and it’s all...
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    I’ve just built my first board with the PBC/6X. I am getting pop and click with my Strymon Riverside Drive. The buffers on both the PBC/6X and the Riverside Drive are turned on. Any suggestions?
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    Is there a click stopper in the new PBC/6X?
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    SP1-RJM as Volume Pedal?

    You could get one of these
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    Just noticed it doesn’t have the other usb port that the pbc 10 has. Therefore just wondered - how do you update the firmware?
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    Neutrik Stereo Angled Jack - is any body using these?

    I am about to purchase insert cables for my PBC. I was wondering if anyone was using insert cables made with Neutrik Stereo (TRS) Angled Jack plugs and if so how were you getting on? Are they short enough to use in loops 7 - 10? I have found a couple of suppliers (Designacable, Custom Lynx)...
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    H9 MIDI Clock issue

    Check the Crossfade function on the H9 Digital Delay algorithm