Alternate Preset Suggestion


I adore all the new features in the update, especially the new Alternate Preset, it's brilliant!

However I did notice that the target for the alt/pre is the number of the preset chosen, rather than the preset itself. This has already caused an issue for me when dragging presets around. For example let's say I only have 6 presets,
1. Intro
2. Verse One
3. Chorus
4. Verse Two
5. Bridge
6. Outro

Let's say I had Verse Two as the target alt/pre for my Verse One preset. Let's say I drag the Bridge preset to the top of the list so it shows this:
1. Bridge
2. Intro
3. Verse One
4. Chorus
5. Verse Two
6. Outro
Now because preset numbers have changed the alt/pre for Verse One has now become the Chorus!
This could become an issue if there are multiple alt/pre's in use, adding only one new preset into the list would disrupt them all and require you to manual check each one.

Could this perhaps be tweaked slightly so that the target for the alt/pre is the preset itself rather than it's number?


Staff member
There isn't any other identifier for a preset aside from its number, which indicates where it's stored within the Mastermind. Probably what needs to be done is to scan the entire system for actions containing the preset number wherever it appears and replace it with the preset's new number. There are a bunch of cases where something like this needs to be done to keep things consistent when presets, songs and setlists are reordered. I'm sure it'll happen at some point, but not sure when.


I appreciate your response and thought this may be the case, I will just have to be care when dragging around presets.
All in all the alt-preset function is still incredible and is a relatively non-issue, I'm sure some users may not even come across it. It has turned my LT from 4 presets per song to 8 easily available presets, local pages are a great feature but alt-pre is exactly what I needed.