Fuchs ODS Classic


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I own the Mastermind LT and the mini effect gizmo. I am considering a Fuchs ODS Classic 50. If I want to control all the features in the ODS(channel, reverb, boost, both gains) from the mastermind LT. To do this I assume I need a Mini-amp Gizmo and the Fuchs ODS cable that is on your website?

Can I control all the features that are on the ODS front panel? Are there other internal features that can be accessed?

I just want to make sure I am not overlooking anything.
Yes, the Mini Amp Gizmo and ODS interface cable is what you need. It will control everything that the amp's footswitch will control. I seem to remember that it will also control reverb, but that's the only "extra" function.
Hey, I have a Fuchs ODS Classic. Yes, you can turn your RJM product into an amp switcher, using the Mini Amp Gizmo. You can control the same parameters (Gain 1, Gain 2, OD, Mid Boost and Reverb), but you cannot access the dip switches on the front panel of the amp.
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I know some have tried it, I assume it worked because I haven't heard complaints. But, I would be concerned with how close the Gizmo is to the transformers, tubes and speaker. Maybe if it was in the bottom of the combo...