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This is sort of related to my previous post ( in that it could be a way to address memory constraints but still provide more presets (I almost put this in that thread, but I figured it's technically a separate request/idea). I wondered if it would be possible to store more presets/songs/setlists locally (on your computer) than on the device itself. I admit there's a lot to figure out here, but if you could have, say 5000 presets (which would be roughly 5 per song), but only the first 768 got written on the device, you could keep more presets available than the device holds, and just shift them around as you need them (this is the part that's tricky cause what if a song on the device references a preset not on the device). So essentially, I think of it like a "library" feature. You've got a library of presets, and a certain number of them are actually on the device. I think the best solution would be working backward. You've got presets associated with songs and songs associated with setlists, so you start by building a setlist, and as you add songs, the presets for those songs are automatically pulled in to the list of on board presets.

The broader suggestion here though is to save the settings differently on the computer than on the device. Right now I believe the settings file that is generated by changes and written to your computer is identical to what's written to the device, but if the application itself had different settings and the device settings were derived from that (either as changes were made or right before performing a write), that would let you make the editor much more flexible. Off the top of my head, some things that could let you do:

1) Highlight presets in the list in different colors (maybe based on the type of effects), which would make certain sounds easier to find quickly.

2) Add tags or other "search criteria" so that if searching ever becomes a thing (please), you could add the songs it's used in or the devices active and search by those in addition to the name. It would be amazing to be able to search "My Song" and see just the presets used in "My Song" (yes, I know you can see them on the Songs page, but then if you want to see what each preset does, you have to go manually search them out in a potentially very long list) or to search by pedal name and see all presets using that pedal (or even a very specific setting on the pedal, like "Golden Boy King of Tone").

3) Add additional information to songs, things like speed (slow, fast), volume (loud, soft), style (ballad, rock), mood (sad, angry), etc. etc.

4) Use longer names than currently allowed. I have some songs with titles longer than allowed. I realize on the fly truncating could be . . . involved, but it would be nice to be able to use the full names of things.

Obviously in all those examples, that additional information doesn't need to be written to the device itself as it's not particularly useful outside of the editor.
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I was getting ready to add something extremely similar to this!

I use the PBC in Song/Setlist mode. I've got 145 songs defined, and almost all presets filled... so this is quickly going to become a major issue pretty soon!

Right now, we've got storage for 64 setlists, 1008 songs, and 768 presets.

I have a "base" set of presets I generally use as a starting point for every preset I make. But for each song, I do tend to like having a preset per "piece" of the song (Intro, V1, C1, Vamp, V2, C2, Bridge, etc.). So for each song, I might have 5-8 presets. The reason I do it like this is so that on-the-fly during a performance, if something needs to be tweaked, I can tweak it at my feet and save it there, then bring it back in to the editor.

It would be unbelievably awesome if we could have a catalog of stuff locally in the editor, and then somehow save a condensed version of an .rjs file that could have ONLY what's needed for the current setlist.

In other words... I'd be willing to have setlist / song limitations such that (setlists * songs * presets <= 768).

I suppose there would have to be two things:
1. Export condensed .rjs containing only the setlists/songs I want
2. Import condensed .rjs that will update the library on my computer with the changes
Not a bad feature request, but blimey, my brain would forget the songs long before that many presets!

Most of my songs reuse other presets anyway since how many very subtle delay or reverb variations do I need and most of my delays have only so many noticeable variations, just MIDI-clocked to different tempos, else if it’s a standard analog pedal I may as well just use a preset with the same pedal loop on or off. At least one of each songs presets is my amp completely dry on high gain!

Pretty impressed you need that many though!

I’ve got 13 base presets related to my three amp channels and variations with chorus, sustain, and series/parallel. I move around between them differently each time I perform a song, even the same song in different performances, and could (and often) use all of them in a song. So I’ve got at least 13 base presets per song.

In each individual song , I also have unique PC numbers to each base preset’s midi controlled devices: basic Boss delay, and also a Meris LVX and a Meris MercuryX. The Meris devices in particular allow me to give each base preset a far different sound than the base, even unrecognizably different as if a totally different preset (i.e. sounds nothing like the base alone).

I’m only at a 50 song mark so no storage issue yet, but I know I’ll get beyond at some point this year.

Having an easy way to choose from a long list of songs (say 50 at a time out of 150 saved in the editor) and make a unique list to load into the PBC at different times would be a fantastic feature. I’m trying to find a workaround anticipating my limit is approaching, but it’s looking time consuming to get there and implement when it is needed (also needing consistent attention moving forward to make sure the right songs are in the PBC when needed). Fingers crossed for this great idea!!