Mastering the Mastermind video series


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In an attempt to provide better documentation for the Masterminds, I've been working on the Mastering the Mastermind video series. The goal is to make a short video every week on a different topic. I've started with some basics, and I'm working up to more advanced topics. At the time of this posting, there are 8 videos up, and I'll try to keep going on these. The list of possible topics is nearly endless.

You can find these videos on our YouTube channel:

Also, I will keep a list of episodes on our website:

Please let me know, either here or in the YouTube comments, if you have any questions or suggestions for future topics.


These have been great. Thanks so much for doing them. I'm grateful you are producing so many and I hope others are too. It's really helped expand my strategy for programming my midi controller and I don't even have a MM yet! Looks like I best get one soon.


rjmmusic said:

If you define a Preset + button, it will scroll through the presets as you hold it. It's probably different than the way the Axe-Fx does it. It starts out slow and accelerates as you hold it. It will send a PC to the Axe-Fx for every preset, so the Axe-Fx will change to every preset as you hold down the button.
Thank you for these clarifications. (GT 16/22)
I guess this action can be done by scrolling up and / or down.
Where can I see a video that shows this action (I couldn't find it) because I would like to see this speeds crolling rate
I thank you in advance


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These videos are coming in handy, Ron! I’m starting from scratch after not having done any in depth setup on the GT22 in a while. Not only am I being reminded of things on the videos, I’m learning new stuff, and also picking up some knowledge on the other non-GT units. Cool content. I’m late to the party, but enjoying the resource nonetheless!