Mastering the Mastermind Video Series

Our ongoing YouTube series, Mastering the Mastermind, is a weekly series that explains how to use our Mastermind series of MIDI controllers, from the basics of connections and initial setup to deep dives into advanced features.

Current Episodes:

Episode 1: The Basics (overview of each Mastermind product)

Episode 2: Connections

Episode 3: MIDI Controller Basics

Episode 4: Using Button Pages

Episode 5: Basic Preset Editing

Episode 6: Button Editing Part 1

Episode 7: Advanced Button Editing

Episode 8: IA Button Options

Episode 9: Groups

Episode 10: Actions

Episode 11: Songs and Setlists

Episode 12: PBC Audio Settings

Episode 13: IA Cycle Buttons

Episode 14: More About Momentary

Episode 15: Expression Pedals

Episode 16: External Switches

Episode 17: Function Switches

Episode 18: Local Button Pages

Episode 19: Hold Functions

Episode 20: IA Cycle Linking and Grouping