Need Help and Tips on Utilizing HX Stomp with PBC/6X MIDI


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First time MIDI user. I have my HX wired up 4CM in loops 5 and 6 and INS. Looking for any newbie tips in accessing FX and programs of th HX via the 6X. I know that in the editor I can add the HX to the Devices. Do I have to change any other values to the HX, 6X, or Editor to communicate between them? I would like to start by just adding Delay and reverb to all my 6X presets from the HX going into the Loop of my Amp.I know that I have to put those FX after the FX block in the HX preset ,enable the Insert loop on the PBC, and Enable loop 6. How do I select the HX Preset number and add it to my 6X presets? I remember reading there are CC and PC messages ion MIDI. Thank you in advance for any help!
In the Presets tab, there is a PC Messages section, where you can select which PC message is sent to each of your connected MIDI devices. More details can be found here:

Basic Preset Editing

Thank you ! Can I setup multiple PCs at once? In other words if I wanted to keep Delay and Reverb from the HX on all my presets with the global option under audio , can I also set a PC for an effect like a flanger on an individual 6X preset while the global is still assigned to it? So Lets say Program 1 on the HX is my Rev/Dly and I have that running globally on all 6X presets can I add a flanger from another preset on the HX to an individual 6X preset?
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There isn't a global option for the PCs sent by Mastermind presets, it needs to be specified for each preset.
Need some more clarity as I am sitting down and programming the HX. Just want to make sure I have it right. In the PBC editor in the presets section, The + sign in the loop order represents the insert loop? So as per your instructions: First I set up the HX stomp patch with an FX Loop block. Anything I place after that block will go into the FX loop of my amp (Loop 6 on the 6X ) anything before the FX Loop Block will be in front of the amp ( Loop 5 on the 6X ). In order for this to work with the 6X I have to Enable the Insert Loop ( + ) . If I want the post FX loop from the HX to go into the Loop on my Amp I enable loop 6 and place it after the insert loop ( + ) and if I want to use any FX from the HX before the amp I enable Loop 5 and place it before the insert loop ( + ) on the 6x? Can I set the Insert loop placement globally or do I have to place it in each preset? In other words, can I always have the insert loop right before 6 at the end of the loop order?
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The insert loop needs to be kept on at all times, otherwise your amp's preamp won't be in the signal path. (This is okay in some cases, if you ever want to use the HX as your main amp tone). Then, connect as you mention - loop 5 will contain the pre-loop effects in the HX and loop 6 will contain the post-loop effects. And, putting the insert loop between loops 5 and 6 will put them before and after the amp's preamp, respectively.

By default, the loop order specified in the global Audio tab will be the default loop order for all presets. You can specify overrides for any preset if you like, but otherwise the global settings will be used.
Hi @rjmmusic,
I have a PBC6 and recently got an HX stomp and want to wire it in such a way that it could be routed before and after the Amp? I have some questions that I will list below.

The reason for this trouble: I'm looking to experiment with wet-dry configurations and different FX both analog and from the HX stomp.

Signal path: This is the layout in my mind but haven't been able to reproduce in real life completely d/t lack of all cables, space, etc.
Guitar > cali 76 comp > In
Loop 1: EHX soul food
Loop 2: Double Dreamer
Loop 3: Strymon Riverside
Loop 4 (split): Phase 90
Loop 5: Out only, no return to HX stomp stereo input
Loop 6: Out only, no return to Empress echosystem stereo input
Insert Loop (mono): Effects loop of HX stomp
Loop 7: BB preamp
Out > amp > captor X > mixing console
The main stereo output from the HX stomp and the echosystem > Rolls line mixer > GFI cabzeus stereo > mixing console.

- I want to have the FX from the HX stomp going into the Amp through the FX loop of the HX stomp to keep the time-based effects and some modulation through the main outputs to my "wet" system. How can I route this? Am I wiring this correctly from the layout above?
- Should I instead put the amp as a separate loop? Is there an advantage to it?
- Can I split the loops 5 and 6 to add more/other pedals?
- (not necessarily related to PBC) Could I be using the HX stomp cab simulator to replace the cabzeus?
I'm pretty sure - but not certain - that the HX stomp works differently than that. When splitting it into two effects, I'm pretty sure the first half uses the main input and the effect loop send, and the second half uses the effect loop return and the main outputs. This is generally how it works in these types of devices.

So, in your case, you would need to connect send 5 to the effect return on the HX stomp, so that you can use the stereo outputs to go to the mixer. Then, connect the insert loop to the input and effect send of the HX Stomp, because that can be mono.

There's no real advantage to putting the amp in a loop, especially if you're never switching it off.

Because of the way you're using loops 5 and 6, you can't split them and use them for pedals. As soon as you connected something to the loop return, it would no longer function as a splitter - the signal would no longer continue from loop 5 to loop 6 when loop 5 was turned on.

You could, however, use loop 5 OR loop 6 split, and use that split output to feed the inputs of the HX Stomp and Echosystem. Then you could use the other loop for 2 pedals.

I don't know enough about the HX Stomp or Cabzeus to be able to answer the last question.
Hi Ron,

Thanks for your help. This was very helpful and thanks for all that you do.

I was not able to find someone else talking about here it goes.

With the HX stomp connected to the PBC6, there's a big drop in volume when I activate it (I'm awaiting a response from line 6 about this), but it's even worse whenever there is another loop activated in front of the line 6 loop.
My configuration has slightly evolved to be:

Guitar > cali 76 comp > In
Loop 1: EHX soul food
Loop 2: Double Dreamer side 1
Loop 3: Double Dreamer side 2
Loop 4: Strymon Riverside
Loop 5: Phase 90
Loop 6: HX stomp (this is a parallel signal path routed though the main in and out in mono).
Insert Loop: Nothing.
Out > amp > captor X > mixing console + line out to gigrig humdinger > signal split to HX stomp and echosystem > Rolls line mixer > GFI cabzeus stereo > mixing console.

The second path of the HX stomp has the wet effects and is the Fx loop routed as an independent input and output.

Again, I appreciate your help and all that you do!
I’m not sure if this is the cause of the volume drop, but using the HX Stomp like that seems wrong to me. Maybe there’s a way to pull that off, but I would suggest a different approach with the Stomp.

My thought would be to have PBC Loop 6 Send to HX Stomp In, then HX Stomp Send to PBC Loop 6 Return. That would be your mono fx before your signal split. After the signal split, you would have your Humdinger to HX Stomp Return, and HX Out to Echosystem or Rolls (I couldn’t tell if you were using your Humdinger to go off board dry signal or to HX and Echosystem in parallel, but either way this should work).

In the HX internal signal path, you would put your send block after the input, and the send block’s dry through level turned off/minimum. Any effects you want in PBC Loop 6 would go between the input and the send block. Then after the send block you would have your return block, and any wet effects would go between the return block and the output.

My set up isn’t exactly the same of course, but I have a PBC 10 with a Stomp and this concept is working for me (though it’s complex enough that it took some troubleshooting and tweaking to make sure my signal path, both analog and digital/virtual, were right).
The volume issues sound like a bad cable to me, or another type of impedance issue. When you say you have the HX stomp connected to loop 6, how is it connected, exactly?
I found the culprit! I had one of the Audio loops configured as send in Stereo when it's connected in Mono, now that I changed that, It's working without volume issues. I did rule out cables and phasing issues first.

You can use the HX stomp as I was reporting, attached is a video that illustrates how to connect two distinct signal paths:

I wanted to post this here, in case someone else in the future runs into similar issues.