PBC 6X - Tuner Out not working


Hi - I'm trying to get the "Input 2" to works as a "Tuner Out". I have "Tuner Out" = On in the main audio settings, have "Buffer 1" = On, and have verified that the preset is using the default values (grey and On) for both. I've also tried multiple cables and tuners - and made sure each work independently.

It seems that I'm getting a very small bit of signal to the tuner but not enough for it to work properly. If I plugin directly from the Tuner Out directly to my amp and CRANK it, I can hear that small bit of signal.

Faulty unit or am I missing a setting somewhere?

FW 4.2.1
Editor 4.2



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'Audio Page' should be set as attached image. Be sure you have 'Stereo Output' checked.


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