Rack Gizmo with VL GCP


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Sorry if this question has already been answered, I tried looking through all the threads on this forum. I currently have a Rack Gizmo in my rig that has a Bogner XTC 101b with the Medusa cable from RJM. My setup is fairly basic, I'm using the function switches on the Rack Gizmo to control all the functions on the XTC which is working perfectly. I am using a Eventide H9, and a bunch of pedals in the first 5 loops as well. I have been using an old ADA MC-1 foot controller to just make patch changes and the RG is handling switching all the Bogner functions and effects in the loops of the RG with one press of a button. I want to take advantage of IA functionality and EXP pedals and have a VL GCP coming in the mail this week with hopes to take advantage of more options with this foot controller.

So I have two questions:

1. How do I setup the GCP with the Rack Gizmo? Do I follow the steps in the video for pairing a Effect Gizmo with a VL GCP? I guess I'm wondering if there's a difference since the RG has 8 function switches and 8 loops, so does the setup change compared to the EG? Also in the video for the Effect Gizmo with a GCP, you show how to configure them with performing a factory initialization of both of them. I'm assuming if I need to do that on the RG I'm loosing everything I configured and have to start over? Not a big deal, just curious.
2. I want to power the GCP from the RG using a 7 DIN MIDI cable. Will this work and does it matter which MIDI IN jack I use (front panel vs rear panel)?

Sorry, many more hidden questions in there than just 2. Hope it makes sense. If there's something I can reference (video or instructions) that's already been put together, please feel free to pass along any info.

I appreciate any help!!

Thanks, Eric


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Follow the Effect Gizmo instructions, although the setup mode will be a bit different. When in setup, turn on Function Switches 5 and 6 to enable GCX emulation. Everything else should be turned off.

When programming the GCPro, GCX#1 loops 1-8 are audio loops and GCX#2 loops 1-8 are function switches 1-8

I do recommend factory resetting both before starting. Any presets programmed in the Rack Gizmo won't be used with a GRPro anyway (all presets will be programmed in the GCPro)

You can phantom power a GCPro from a Rack Gizmo, just be sure to use a 7-pn cable (or 6-pin XLR to 7 pin if you're plugging into the front panel).


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This is working perfectly!! Thank you very much for the help. I got the GCP to control the 8 function and 8 audio loops on the Rack Gizmo independently and have been creating patch presets for the last two days with no issues.

Just waiting for the 7 DIN MIDI cable which is on back order now. Then I'll be able to power the GCP from the RG.

Thank you again. Your customer support is unreal. Second to none!!