[wish] - Midi Sequencer


A button to start a midi sequence that can be run either looped or a set number of times and can be tap tempo based. Started and stopped via a button press.

A use case could be sending CC messages to a Digitech Whammy to set the treadle position so you can strike a note and it would be manipulated in sequence to create and effect like Map of the Problematique by Muse (I know this isn't a sequenced whammy but gives the idea).

I know this is a feature that's about to be released on the Gig Rig G3 and apart from the Molten Midi 5 and the discontinued Evenmidi Pitchy there isn't anything hardware based that can do this.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Thanks, Matt
It's possible, but when it could happen is another story. it's largely a matter of priority. If anyone else would like to chime in here saying they'd be interested in this feature, that would help me gauge where it should be on the list.
A Sequencer would be a nice addition.

It would also be nice if there is a manual option, meaning that pressing the button with your foot triggers the next step in the sequencer. In this way you can create interesting rhythmic sequences that sound a little different with each “run“. ;-)