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Introducing the Fender Switchboard, designed with RJM Music Technology
Fender Switchboard - front view

The Switchboard Effects Operator is a next generation audio loop switcher designed in partnership with Fender. Embarking on a joint mission to create a high quality and easy to use loop switcher, we worked together with Fender for over 3 years to develop the ultimate accessible loop switching platform.

The heart of the Switchboard’s design draws on our expertise in matrix-based relay switching which is core to RJM Music Technology’s products, such as our Mastermind PBC series, providing exceptional audio quality and some of the key functionalities that pros have come to love and expect from RJM products.

Combining our extensive experience with professional touring musicians and Fender’s expertise in user interface and road-ready gear, the Fender Switchboard features a streamlined offering of the core functions found in our similar products, such as preset recalling and loop reordering, with the addition of a truly intuitive graphic interface.

The result of a strong partnership between Fender and RJM Music Technologies, the Fender Switchboard Effects Operator brings our mission of ultimate pedal board control to a whole new audience of players and offers the perfect place for new users to get started with loop switchers.

Learn more and get your Switchboard at

For product and operation questions, reach out to Fender



  1. Why did Fender and RJM Music create the Switchboard?
    We thought it would be an ideal partnership, allowing us to combine RJM’s experience in loop switchers with Fender’s experience in creating easy to use products at a great price point. This allows us introduce a new group of players to loop switchers.
  2. What are the differences between the Switchboard, Mastermind PBC/6x and Mastermind PBC/10? 
    We’ve created a comparison chart below that shows the main differences.
  3. I’m new to loop switchers, what do you recommend?
    The Switchboard is ideal if this is your first loop switcher, or if you’re looking for one that’s easiest to get up and running.
  4. Where can I buy a Fender Switchboard or a Mastermind PBC/6x, or Mastermind PBC/10?
    The Switchboard can be purchased at, and the Mastermind PBC/6X and Mastermind PBC/10 can be purchased at
  5. Where can I find the tutorials on how to use these?
    See for manuals and video tutorials that cover the Switchboard.
  6. I need support on the Switchboard, who do I contact?
    Please contact Fender for Switchboard customer service and technical support.
  7. Do I need to know anything about MIDI to use these switchers?
    No! The Switchboard and Mastermind PBCs have extensive MIDI capabilities, but your definitely don’t need to use MIDI or know anything about MIDI to use them on your pedalboard.
  8. How do I add more loops if I need them?
    RJM Music sells the Mini Effect Gizmo X, which adds up to 6 stereo loops to any MIDI enabled loop switcher such as the Switchboard or Mastermind PBC.
  9. How do I set up a parallel or wet/dry/wet system with one of these switchers?
    The Mastermind PBC/10 has a built-in line mixer that allows you to use parallel or wet/dry/wet routing. RJM Music sells the Micro Line Mixer that can be used with the Switchboard or PBC/6X to get those routing options.

Product Comparison Chart

Fender Switchboard Mastermind PBC/6X Mastermind PBC/10
Total # of loops 5 6 10
# of stereo loops 1 3 4
# of insert points 1 2
Reorderable loops ✔︎ ✔︎
Internal volume control ✔︎
Internal line mixer ✔︎
Expression pedal input ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Function switches 2 2 4
Mac/PC editor ✔︎ ✔︎
User specified button layouts ✔︎ ✔︎
Songs and setlists ✔︎ ✔︎
MIDI Messages PCs/CCs Any MIDI messages Any MIDI messages
MIDI Ports Output Output (+input w/ adapter cable) Output and input
MSRP (US $) $449 $799 $1099