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    My 2019 board.......

    What's that fuzz(?) pedal with the big volume knob on it?
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    Best Practices Using PBC Mixer on 6-10 Loops

    Opposite. I mute the dry on the effect units I'm running in parallel (reverb and delay). So the dry signal you're hearing is has never passed through the effect units.
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    Best Practices Using PBC Mixer on 6-10 Loops

    I do my modulation in series to get the full effect, and delay and reverb I do in parallel (with kill dry enabled on those effects).
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    H9 Pre/Post question

    @rockgod78 you might get a ground loop in that scenario (pre/post with an amp's efx loop). I'm doing pre/post with the Mobius in the same way. When you get the H9 try hooking it up the way you're describing and if you do get a ground loop you'll have to add an isolation transformer on the In and...
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    Official NAMM 2019 New Product Tease Thread

    I was wondering about this. thank you. What's the distance between the buttons?
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    Preset Button

    Probably because that's the button page configured to show for that preset. Presets tab --> Show Page dropdown.
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    Preset Button

    John, I'm a PBC user so not sure it's the same. Using the Mastermind editor on the buttons tab make it an IA button. Then in Actions, Type = System, Subtype = Preset and then enter the preset number.
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    Mogami 2314 vs 2319

    Can't speak to 2314 as I've been using Mogami 2319 exclusively on my board builds. Very happy with it and never had any pliability issues at all.
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    Nice Rack Canada | Stacked

    wow, killer!
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    Mastermind PBC & editor deep-dive YouTube videos

    Sounds like Ron got you dialed in with your questions. Glad you found the videos helpful, Denis. Thanks!
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    Dual lock for Mastermind PBC

    Aw man, been there hate that. FYI I almost always remove it my wedging a flathead screwdriver between the pieces of dual lock, rather than trying to rip them apart. Once you get it started it'll usually come off easily.
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    Dual lock for Mastermind PBC

    I have a square inch on each corner and two more squares in the middle "for good measure." It's solid.
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    Messages on different types of button presses

    This portion of what you wrote is doable right now. Just create two actions instead of one. I.e. for button press, create an IA action set Off Value to None. And for button release, create another action and set the On Value to None. Then select the Momentary checkbox (for the release behavior).
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    You upgraded to RJM from...

    @mikeuk how were you testing? In other words when you were hearing a signal degradation what was the signal path vs when there was no degradation?