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    Overture is a winner!

    Very happy with tones and versatility of Overture pedal...great job Ron et al
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    Alternate between presets with expression pedal

    Wow!! That’s a fast response... so the way that works is each time you rock pedal forwards it chooses the other preset (which is great ) is there a way to make heal up one preset and heal down the other?
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    Alternate between presets with expression pedal

    Hello...using PBC 10 and trying to figure out how to alternate between two presets on PBC with expression pedal ( ie up is one preset down is the other). If I set up expression to system/preset/alternate it changes to alternate but then stays do I get it to toggle between the two...
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    Nixie Firmware bug fixed

    Cool ...let us know...if you figure out a way to use it with PCB I would love to know ( writing to pedals ) would be handy
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    Nixie Firmware bug fixed

    Can confirm that bugs are fixed up. Killdry on when it says it’s on. Still couldn’t figure out how to write to pedals using PCB midi in to connect ( reads from both pedals with no problems but can’t write back). Plugged directly into pedals all works as it should.
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    Nixie Firmware bug fixed

    As I said I have not tried them yet....hope it was OK to post it here. Matt did not indicate that it was a Beta. I will load them up today and report my experience
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    Nixie Firmware bug fixed

    Not sure if this has already been posted (couldn't find it when I searched ) but the bug that was present in the firmware update allowing the Big Sky and Timeline to work with Nixie ( the bug made the pedal think that it was in Kill Dry when it was not ) is apparently fixed according to Matt at...
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    Buffers kill dry signal?

    Yes that fixed the problem for me...everything worked as it was supposed to after reverting to previous firmware...
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    Powering with AC?

    Ron has found that it can introduce some unwanted noise
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    Buffers kill dry signal?

    Hey Ron mentioned earlier in this thread a volume increase should not happen at all if the units are really in Killdry. You are not by chance running the Beta firmware for the Strymons ( that allows Nixie). There is a bug that makes the unit actually not in killdry even though it...
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    Mastermind PBC Board

    I built the 2nd tier myself... just a piece of plywood, two end pieces and a few strap hinges... works really well... lots of goodies in a small footprint. The road case was one I have had for years.. used to house my G System before I switched to the PCB... the company that made it has since...
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    stereo to mono mix down?

    You didn't happen to update to the latest beta firmware for the Strymon pedals ( the one that works with Nixie ) by any chance?
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    Pedals with remote switching/MIDI

    A pedal that I believe is underrated is the Nova Drive by TC. It is an anolog OD and Distortion pedal with complete midi control.. I have had one on the board for years and could not live without it. It plays very nicely with PBC. I use the expression pedal to control gain levels on the...