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Mastermind PBC

Mastermind PBC 3.0 Firmware Now Available

By July 19, 2016May 3rd, 2018No Comments

We’ve just released the Mastermind PBC 3.0 firmware, which includes a lot of cool new features including:

  • Auto Tap: Tap tempo support for pedals with analog tap inputs and pedals that receive tap tempo through MIDI messages other than MIDI clock.
  • A whole new audio settings structure that allows you to set global defaults for loops, buffers, etc. and then set overrides to those settings in your presets
  • Buttons can how have different colors for all combinations of a button’s primary function state and the button’s hold function state.
  • Groups can now execute their own actions when transitioning from “all buttons off” to “one button on” and vice-versa
  • You can set a macro to execute on startup, allowing any MIDI messages to be sent on startup
  • Chase Bliss and Mesa JP2C support

Please see the RJM Forum for the complete list.