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Mastermind LT & PBC Firmware / Editor Version 4.0 Released!

By February 20, 2018May 3rd, 2018No Comments

At long last, we’ve released firmware 4.0 for the Mastermind LT and PBC. The feature list is as follows:

Audio Features

  • Audio loops can now be set as “independent”. This is a global-level setting that is a new option to the locked/unlocked setting. An independent loop does not change when you change presets – it stays in whatever state you last set (by IA button presses).
  • There is now an Audio / Input action that controls the input mute.
  • It’s now possible to disable the internal tuner
  • There is a new Guitar mode for the tuner that allows you to set a capo (in semitones) and per-string offsets (in cents). You can also use the Chromatic mode to get the old tuner behavior.
  • Added the Tap Button CC to Strymon pedals
  • Added missing Bypass CC for the Strymon Mobius
  • Added support for MD-500 and RV-500
  • Added support for Empress Echosystem, Reverb, Tremolo and Phaser

Expression Pedals

  • You can now define up to 128 expression pedal settings blocks. There’s a System / ExpPedal action that allows you to switch expression pedal settings on the fly. This replaces expression pedal grouping

External Switches

  • External switches can now have different functions on different button pages (in addition to the per-preset settings they already have)
  • External switches now pay attention to color settings: setting a color to black means “LED off” and any other color means “LED on”

Function Switches

  • Function switches now have global and preset settings with lock, independent and override settings, just like audio loops do.


  • Each preset can now have a button color assigned to it. When a preset button calls up a preset, its button color will be displayed on that preset button (if any color is assigned)
  • Each preset can be assigned an alternate preset number. There’s a new “Alternate” setting for the “Preset 2nd Press” global setting – when this setting is active, pressing a preset button a second time will recall the preset’s alternate preset.

Song / Setlist:

  • It’s now possible to select a preset that’s not part of the current song, and also possible to select a song that’s not part of the current setlist.
  • There is now a System / Song action that allows you to select songs from an IA button, macro, etc. Special values are “None”, “Previous” and “Next”
  • The System / Setlist action now has special values “None”, “Same”, “Previous” and “Next”
    When switching setlists, will always reset to the first song and preset in the setlist


  • Each preset can set a tempo division for the MIDI clock output and the Auto Tap feature
  • Presets can specify a tempo value, or special values “Off”, “Same”, “Song”
  • Songs can specify a tempo value, or special values “Off”, “Same”, “Preset”
  • There is now a System / BPM action that allows you to set tempos on the fly. Special values are “Off”, “Same”, “Song”, “Preset”, “Plus 1”, “Plus 0.1”, “Minus 1”, “Minus 0.1”
  • There’s a setting that enables or disables sending of MIDI start and stop messages when the clock starts and stop
  • There’s a setting that enables or disables sending MIDI clock to the secondary output pins of the MIDI in port.
  • “Ignore Preset Tempos” setting forces the system to ignore all tempos in presets and act as if the tempo was set to “Song”
  • There is now an “Auto” setting for the “MIDI Clock” parameter. This one makes the system a clock master unless a clock is received from the USB port or MIDI In port, in which case it becomes a clock slave

Other Features

  • You can now format flash drives from the setup menu
  • MIDI Forwarding setting allows you to use the Mastermind as a USB MIDI interface for other MIDI devices. Works well with Strymon pedals and the Nixie software on a PC or Mac.
  • PC actions now have “Same” and “Prev” values. The former sends the most recently sent PC again. The latter sends the 2nd to last PC again
  • Added a System / IA Store action
  • The amount of time button names are displayed is now user configurable
  • There are now “Copy to Preset” and “Copy from Preset” options accessible by right-clicking on presets in the Presets tab of the editor.

Bug Fixes

  • IA Link now works correctly with buttons that recall presets
  • Click Stopper no longer is triggered when changing function switches
  • You can now select Dry Mix in an Audio / Signal action
  • Fixed issues with tempo and global preset
  • Bank Up / Down on a page with no preset buttons no longer causes a problem
  • You can now select any of the 64 setlists from the setup menu
  • Fixed the ability to set trails on loops 9 & 10 in the setup menu
  • Fixed a bug involving changing pages and momentary buttons
  • Edit Presets menu now correctly handles comments in preset names (text after a “|” character)
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when a preset index was set to 255



– First, back up your settings to a flash drive or computer! If you go back to 3.1 or earlier, your PBC will factory reset.
– Download and unzip the firmware file.
– Copy the file to a USB flash drive, and remove any other .rjf files from the flash drive.
– Eject the drive from your computer.
– Power on the Mastermind PBC while holding the 1 and 3 buttons.
– Keep holding until you see “Mastermind Bootloader” appear on the screen.
– Now plug the flash drive into your Mastermind PBC. The update should begin and will take a few minutes to complete.


Mac Editor:
PC Editor:

Manual: Manual-4.0.pdf