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Official Launch of the Mastermind PBC/6X

Mastermind PBC/6X Official Launch


Hello! We are excited the announce the official release of the Mastermind PBC/6X Pedalboard Controller. This unit follows in the footsteps of the PBC10, but with a smaller footprint and an amazing array of features including loop reordering…



In this 40+ minute video Doug Doppler demonstrates the following features (and lots more) via an extensive array of gear:
• Creating Presets, Songs, and Setlists
• Loop Re-Ordering
• Mono and Stereo Functionalty
• 4CM (4 cable method)
• MIDI Implementation
• Mastermind Editor Software
• Creating Custom Button Pages
• Using the Function Jacks and the Tap Tempo Macro


• 6 Audio Loops (3 Mono, 3 Stereo)
• Buffered Mono/Stereo Insert Loop for 4CM or 7th Audio Loop
• Loop Re-Ordering via ‘Matrix Switching’
• Comprehensive MIDI Implementation via the Mastermind Editor Software
• Highly Customizable Workflow
• Dual Function Switch Jack for Controlling Amp Channels, Boost, Reverb, etc.
• Tap Tempo Support for both MIDI Capable Pedals and Analog Pedals that have Tap Switch Inputs
• USB Type B Jack for Connection to a PC or Mac
• MIDI In/Out Jack
• Integrated Tuner
• U$D 699.00 (plus tax + customs fees where applicable) (Save $50 if you order today. $50 off until we no longer are backordered.)



“We’ve really enjoyed using the PBC/6X on client rigs. It offers a ton of functionality in a very small package, and the Mastermind Editor makes setup and in depth programming a breeze!”
– Greg Walton // Xact Tone // Nashville, Tennessee

I love the PBC6X. It takes all elements of a great controller and brings it up one level higher. I have not encountered an interface as intuitive and easy to use as the one Ron had designed. Being a board builder all these years, one main issue that’s always been brought up by my customers is the ability to reorder the loops on the fly. The PBC6X fulfills all these needs and my customers could not be happier.
– Jerome // JMAVE Guitars // Singapore

“I like the compact footprint, low current draw & loop re-order capabilities. Having those features combined with the standard setting MasterMind controller platform is a massive value for the end user.”
– Mike Vegas // Nice Rack Canada // Toronto Canada

“What I like about the PBC/6X
1: Compact
2: Packs the same punch the Pbc10
3: Loop reordering SAVED my life
4: Stereo to Mono summing saved me from not needing an expensive summing box
5: Flawless design and programming options. NO LIMITS
7: The possibilities of having all the same pedals on a rig but still shrinking the overall board size without losing any pedals.”
– Brian Omillion // Omillion Audio // McKinney, Texas

“There are so many things I love about the 6x! Hands down the biggest game changer is the desktop editor/ sound organization system. I love that you can create a preset, and use it across multiple songs. Makes setting up song patches SO much easier than before. I love being able to assign led colors and the tweak-ability of the unit as a whole. I’m running a pretty standard setup with it right now but I’m excited to customize it as I get more time with it. In short, my expectations were exceeded in every area so far! “ Thanks again for making such an amazing product. “
– Clark Strasburg // Steadfast Audio // Minneapolis, Minnesota

I love that with the PBC/6x there are still so many options packed into such a small enclosure. This is perfect for smaller to medium rigs that still want the features that RJM is known for.
– Dan Dullen // Dullen Customs // Rochester, New York

“I built a board with the PBC6X and I absolutely love it! Such a sleek design that is full of so much of the wonderful RJM technology. It is always an honour to build with RJM equipment as it is simply the best. “
– Jack Hudson // JH Productions // Brisbane, Queensland Australia 

“Decided to get this PBC/6X cuz it’s just simply amazing. The loop order feature without unplugging pedals is a game changer. Tried other programmable switchers but the PBC/6X is beyond compare. In my honest opinion, it’s by far the one best inventions ever to come out in the guitar pedal market. Made my guitar playing so much easier. With just one step on a button, no more tap dancing.”
– Don Tuplano // Singapore

“And for any who are interested, the PBC/6X is a game changer. A 7 loop switcher (with loop reordering capability) with as much MIDI capability as you can imagine. I use it for pedalboard stuff but also to control Ableton and even ProPresenter. Just absolutely mind blowing.”
– Eli Cartwright

“I built a board with the PBC6X and I absolutely love it! Such a sleek design that is full of so much of the wonderful RJM technology. It is always an honour to build with RJM equipment as it is simply the best. “
– Jack Hudson // JH Productions // Brisbane, Queensland Australia 

“The PBC/6X has completely changed the way I approach my rig now. It has added flexibility and allows me to focus more on my playing and less in hitting buttons. This is not only the best my guitar has ever sounded but by far the easiest it has been to navigate.”
– Chase Wolford // Santa Maria, California

“I bought the PBC 6x for two reasons – one the size is perfect for my board. Secondly the customization is above and beyond anything out there. The editor software is brilliant.”
– Jon Hollis