General News

A Note About Axe-Fx III Support

The release of the Axe-Fx III is understandably a big deal, and we’re getting a lot of questions from people asking about if or when we’re going to support it in our products. We’ve supported the Axe-Fx series since the release of the Mastermind GT and definitely intend to continue this with the Axe-Fx III.

Right now, you can set up a “generic” MIDI device on your Mastermind GT, LT or PBC and use it to control the Axe-Fx III. It requires some setup on both the Mastermind and the Axe-Fx, but you can have it control presets, scenes, effect blocks and effect channels. This solution is working today and we have a lot of users running this way, including some big name acts.

We’re working closely with Fractal Audio to provide even better support. They will be providing us information on the advanced communication protocol that their editor software and upcoming controllers use to talk to the Axe-Fx III. With this information, we expect to be able to have even more control of the Axe-Fx III, and also be able to offer a much easier, faster setup process. Additionally, we expect to be able to receive status from the Axe-Fx which would allow us to display tuner, tempo, effect block state, etc. on the Mastermind series.

We don’t have a timeframe for when this support will be ready, there are too many variables right now. But, once we have the information we need, implementing this next-level support will become a top priority project and we’ll get it working as quickly as possible.

We suspect that this is going to cause higher than normal sales of the Mastermind GT, and possibly the LT and PBC as well. If you’re thinking about waiting to buy until we have this support written, you may want to reconsider. We can only build so many of these products at a time and a large increase in demand is going to get us into a waiting list situation pretty quickly. Right now, we’re out of PBCs and GTs, but expect to get more in a week or two. After that, we’ll try to keep up but some of our parts need to be ordered well in advance, so scheduling becomes tricky.

Thanks for your patience as we work this out, our goal is to have the best support possible for this product!