Mastermind GT 3.1.1 firmware now available

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We’ve just released Mastermind GT firmware 3.1.1, which fixes a number of bugs. If you’re using 3.1.0, this fixes some issues you may be seeing. If you’re using an older version, this might be a good time to move up to the latest version!

Mastermind GT


Mastermind PBC wins the Premier Guitar Premier Gear Award!

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The Mastermind PBC has recently won the Premier Gear award from Premier Guitar magazine. Premier Guitar has been covering a lot of pedalboard switchers lately, and we’re thrilled to see that they really like what the PBC has to offer. Thanks guys!


RJM Music Rig of the Day: Vision Guitars Pedalboard with RJM Mastermind PBC

Rig of the Day

Thanks to Vision Guitars in the Bay area for submitting this Rig of the Day featuring
the Mastermind PBC (Pedal Board Controller)

RIg of the Day: Vision Guitars pedalboard with Mastermind PBC


Review of the Mastermind PBC by Mitch Gallagher of Sweetwater

Mastermind PBC

Still thinking about getting a Mastermind PBC?

This review of the Mastermind PBC by Mitch Gallagher of Sweetwater might help you. Great comprehensive video of the PBC features including the Mastermind PBC Mac/PC editor.


Pete Thorn demos the Mastermind PBC

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Pete Thorn did an awesome video for us, showing off the Mastermind PBC and the pedalboard that Dave Friedman recently built for us. You can check it out here:


Interview with John Petrucci’s tech, Maddi Schieferstein, Part 1

John Petrucci, Rig Tours

We interviewed John Petrucci’s guitar tech, Maddi Schieferstein, early in September 2015.

This is a fairly long interview so we’ve broken it up into 3 parts and added photos. Maddi is a very nice and entertaining guy. We are invited back to do another interview in November when they build a new rig. Lots of surprises coming that we weren’t allowed to talk about in this interview so please let us know if you liked these interviews – it will inspire us to do more.

You can watch Part 1 here:

1. How did Maddi become a guitar tech
2. How did Maddi become John Petrucci’s guitar tech
3. The big gear disaster in Mexico that changed their gear – a bit of a discussion of their current gear.


Rack Gizmo CLEARANCE Sale

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We are discontinuing the Rack Gizmo. You can now SAVE $200 when you order on our website at while they last.

We’ve had a lot of questions as to why we are discontinuing it. People have asked, “is something new coming out to replace the Rack Gizmo?”

No, we have no plans to design anything to replace it. With the Effect Gizmo and Amp Gizmo/Mini Amp Gizmo, the Rack Gizmo’s functionality is duplicated.

All new products will be focused more on Pedalboard switching since that market is much larger.

Buy your Rack Gizmo now before they are sold out

Welcome to the new website!

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We’ve changed over to a new WordPress-based website that should work a lot better on mobile devices, and is easier for us to maintain. Please let us know if you find any errors or problems on the site.

The old blog posts are gone but if there is something important we can repost, let us know!