Mastermind LT & PBC Firmware / Editor version 4.0 released!

Mastermind LT, Mastermind PBC, Product News

At long last, we’ve released firmware 4.0 for the Mastermind LT and PBC. The feature list is as follows:

Audio Features

  • Audio loops can now be set as “independent”. This is a global-level setting that is a new option to the locked/unlocked setting. An independent loop does not change when you change presets – it stays in whatever state you last set (by IA button presses).
  • There is now an Audio / Input action that controls the input mute.
  • It’s now possible to disable the internal tuner
  • There is a new Guitar mode for the tuner that allows you to set a capo (in semitones) and per-string offsets (in cents). You can also use the Chromatic mode to get the old tuner behavior.
  • Added the Tap Button CC to Strymon pedals
  • Added missing Bypass CC for the Strymon Mobius
  • Added support for MD-500 and RV-500
  • Added support for Empress Echosystem, Reverb, Tremolo and Phaser

Expression Pedals

  • You can now define up to 128 expression pedal settings blocks. There’s a System / ExpPedal action that allows you to switch expression pedal settings on the fly. This replaces expression pedal grouping

External Switches

  • External switches can now have different functions on different button pages (in addition to the per-preset settings they already have)
  • External switches now pay attention to color settings: setting a color to black means “LED off” and any other color means “LED on”

Function Switches

  • Function switches now have global and preset settings with lock, independent and override settings, just like audio loops do.


  • Each preset can now have a button color assigned to it. When a preset button calls up a preset, its button color will be displayed on that preset button (if any color is assigned)
  • Each preset can be assigned an alternate preset number. There’s a new “Alternate” setting for the “Preset 2nd Press” global setting – when this setting is active, pressing a preset button a second time will recall the preset’s alternate preset.

Song / Setlist:

  • It’s now possible to select a preset that’s not part of the current song, and also possible to select a song that’s not part of the current setlist.
  • There is now a System / Song action that allows you to select songs from an IA button, macro, etc. Special values are “None”, “Previous” and “Next”
  • The System / Setlist action now has special values “None”, “Same”, “Previous” and “Next”
    When switching setlists, will always reset to the first song and preset in the setlist


  • Each preset can set a tempo division for the MIDI clock output and the Auto Tap feature
  • Presets can specify a tempo value, or special values “Off”, “Same”, “Song”
  • Songs can specify a tempo value, or special values “Off”, “Same”, “Preset”
  • There is now a System / BPM action that allows you to set tempos on the fly. Special values are “Off”, “Same”, “Song”, “Preset”, “Plus 1”, “Plus 0.1”, “Minus 1”, “Minus 0.1”
  • There’s a setting that enables or disables sending of MIDI start and stop messages when the clock starts and stop
  • There’s a setting that enables or disables sending MIDI clock to the secondary output pins of the MIDI in port.
  • “Ignore Preset Tempos” setting forces the system to ignore all tempos in presets and act as if the tempo was set to “Song”
  • There is now an “Auto” setting for the “MIDI Clock” parameter. This one makes the system a clock master unless a clock is received from the USB port or MIDI In port, in which case it becomes a clock slave

Other Features

  • You can now format flash drives from the setup menu
  • MIDI Forwarding setting allows you to use the Mastermind as a USB MIDI interface for other MIDI devices. Works well with Strymon pedals and the Nixie software on a PC or Mac.
  • PC actions now have “Same” and “Prev” values. The former sends the most recently sent PC again. The latter sends the 2nd to last PC again
  • Added a System / IA Store action
  • The amount of time button names are displayed is now user configurable
  • There are now “Copy to Preset” and “Copy from Preset” options accessible by right-clicking on presets in the Presets tab of the editor.

Bug Fixes

  • IA Link now works correctly with buttons that recall presets
  • Click Stopper no longer is triggered when changing function switches
  • You can now select Dry Mix in an Audio / Signal action
  • Fixed issues with tempo and global preset
  • Bank Up / Down on a page with no preset buttons no longer causes a problem
  • You can now select any of the 64 setlists from the setup menu
  • Fixed the ability to set trails on loops 9 & 10 in the setup menu
  • Fixed a bug involving changing pages and momentary buttons
  • Edit Presets menu now correctly handles comments in preset names (text after a “|” character)
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when a preset index was set to 255



– First, back up your settings to a flash drive or computer! If you go back to 3.1 or earlier, your PBC will factory reset.
– Download and unzip the firmware file.
– Copy the file to a USB flash drive, and remove any other .rjf files from the flash drive.
– Eject the drive from your computer.
– Power on the Mastermind PBC while holding the 1 and 3 buttons.
– Keep holding until you see “Mastermind Bootloader” appear on the screen.
– Now plug the flash drive into your Mastermind PBC. The update should begin and will take a few minutes to complete.


Mac Editor:
PC Editor:

Manual: Manual-4.0.pdf


Mastermind GT Firmware 3.4.8, Mastermind LT/PBC Firmware 3.1.9 now available

Mastermind GT, Mastermind LT, Mastermind PBC, Product News

We’ve released bug fixes for the Mastermind GT, LT and PBC. These fix a few minor bugs, including an issue with tap tempo on external switches, a issue with switching setlists, and a few others. You can find the releases on our product pages:

Mastermind GT MIDI Foot Controller

Mastermind LT MIDI Foot Controller

Mastermind PBC


Mastermind GT Firmware 3.4.2 Released

Mastermind GT, Product News

Mastermind GT Firmware 3.4.2 is now available. This one fixes a lot of bugs and adds some minor features:

  • Added support for Selah and Source Audio devices
  • Added “IA” option to Preset 2nd Press. Second or subsequent presses on preset buttons toggle the button’s IA settings (the same settings that would be active in IA mode). If IA On Color is set to something other than black, the preset button will change to that color when the IA is activated.
  • Updated CCs for Line 6 Helix
  • Added the ability for the GT to estimate tempo BPM from the tempo flash messages sent by Axe-Fx and Kemper. This works well with the Axe-Fx, less so with Kemper (the flashes are not super accurate). You can turn off “Show Tempo” if you can’t get the tempo value to settle down.
  • Added “Show Tempo” setting to button settings. This will allow you to choose whether a tempo button also shows a BPM value. “Flash w/ Tempo” also needs to be on for this to work.
  • Added Cancel button to preset, page, etc. menus
  • Fixed Song/Setlist mode to only highlight the current preset button, even if the same preset appears multiple times in the song.
  • Fixed bugs concerning setlist and song updates using the editor
  • Added support for Kemper firmware 5.x. This won’t work 100% correctly until Kemper releases firmware 5.1.0 (soon, they tell me!)
  • Fixed a bug in the editor where the setlist menu on the Globals tab didn’t reflect changes made to setlist names on the Setlist tab
  • Fixed a bug that made the GT do weird things when you have no preset buttons defined
  • Fixed a bug that made the Device PC +/- buttons interact weirdly with the Send Redundant PC setting

Mastermind LT announced!

General News, Mastermind LT

We’re happy to announce the upcoming release of the Mastermind LT MIDI controller! This is a small, low cost controller that has all of the MIDI capabilities of its larger siblings, the Mastermind GT and Mastermind PBC.

You can find the details on the new Mastermind LT page.


Mastermind GT Firmware 3.4.1 released

Mastermind GT, Product News

We’ve just released Mastermind GT Firmware version 3.4.1. This bug fix release fixes an issue with buttons that control effect blocks on the Axe-Fx and Kemper. You can find the update on the Mastermind GT page.


Mastermind GT Firmware & Editor 3.4.0 Released

Mastermind GT, Product News

Now available for download, Mastermind GT firmware and editor version 3.4 adds a Setlist action that allows you to change setlists with a button press. It also changes the way the number of banks and presets are specified for devices, which also fixes how the Device PC +/- buttons work with Strymon pedals.

Please see the RJM Forum for the full list of changes.


Mastermind PBC/LT 3.1.1 Update

Mastermind PBC, Product News

We’ve just released a bug fix update for the Mastermind PBC and LT, version 3.1.1. This version fixes a crash that could happen when working with a device that has no presets. You can find the update on the Mastermind PBC page


Mastermind PBC/LT Firmware version 3.1.0 now available

Mastermind PBC, Product News

We’ve just released Mastermind PBC firmware 3.1.0, which is also the first to support the upcoming Mastermind LT MIDI controller (details coming soon!)

The 3.1.0 release adds a few user requested features including:

  • A new action type: System / Setlist that allows you to switch setlists and/or between preset and setlist modes.
  • Improved support for devices that have unequal size MIDI banks, like Strymon pedals
  • Function Switches have a new parameter “On Only” that is used in conjunction with momentary switching and groups. When set, a function switch will only pulse when it’s being turned on, not when it’s being turned off. This allows you to set up your function switches to select channels on certain amps that require momentary switching.

You can download the new version from our site.


Mastermind GT 3.3.1 and PBC 3.0.1 updates available

Mastermind GT, Mastermind PBC

We’ve just released Mastermind GT firmware 3.3.1 and Mastermind PBC firmware 3.0.1. These are bug fix updates that fix a few things relating to hold functions and preset button names. The PBC also is updated to allow decimal tempos (the GT already had this ability). You can download these updates from the product pages:

Mastermind GT Product Page

Mastermind PBC Product Page


Mastermind PBC 3.0 firmware now available

Mastermind PBC

We’ve just released the Mastermind PBC 3.0 firmware, which includes a lot of cool new features including:

  • Auto Tap: Tap tempo support for pedals with analog tap inputs and pedals that receive tap tempo through MIDI messages other than MIDI clock.
  • A whole new audio settings structure that allows you to set global defaults for loops, buffers, etc. and then set overrides to those settings in your presets
  • Buttons can how have different colors for all combinations of a button’s primary function state and the button’s hold function state.
  • Groups can now execute their own actions when transitioning from “all buttons off” to “one button on” and vice-versa
  • You can set a macro to execute on startup, allowing any MIDI messages to be sent on startup
  • Chase Bliss and Mesa JP2C support

Please see the RJM Forum for the complete list.